Management Team
Bill Robinson - Chairman and CEO
Starting his career at Air Cruisers Corporation, Bill Robinson spent 39 years as a design engineer consultant to the U.S. Government and the military. Over the years he started, managed and sold several manufacturing businesses. Bringing his Vision of Radio Frequency Telemetry, Triangulation Tracking to reality, he formed Sovereign in 1995 and is considered to be the founding father of RTLS (Real-Time Location Systems) in the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) industry. Bill is a pioneer in new technology development, and spent over 20 years with the military developing and perfecting Satellite Communications, Automatic Real-Time Test Equipment solutions and Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology, and invented a method of reverse triangulation currently used in the Sovereign product line. His vision in starting Sovereign was to create a method for affordable tracking technology to be applied to business and commercial use. Sovereign was awarded the Real Time Locating Systems Growth Strategy Leadership of the Year Award in 2006 by Frost and Sullivan. Bill has been recognized for his articles written and published by RFID Solutions, ID Systems and Inc Magazine form 1997 through 2007, and on TV Channel 12 News. Bill holds the only US Patent for RTLS applications and technology, Patent No: 6700493.
William A. Robinson - Chairman and CEO
Rich Solomon - Director Software Engineering
With a background in client/server and database processing, Richard Solomon brings a wealth of technical expertise to the Software Department at Sovereign. Mr. Solomon has experience in the design and planning of complex systems, and prides himself on his “hands-on” approach to software development.

He has been responsible for the creation of commercial applications for independent software vendors, as well as in-house solutions used by large retail organizations.

Programming computers since childhood, and formally educated at Monmouth University, Mr. Solomon is a good fit with Sovereign, and currently leads the development of the company’s emerging software technologies.

Richard Solomon - Director of Software Engineering
Tom Barnes - Director Production/& Logistics
With a background of over thirty five years in the telecommunication industry (mainly with AT&T). Tom brings to Sovereign a diverse knowledge of the manufacturing and production procedures that ensure the highest standard of quality. Along with the everyday production needs, he also manages all testing of equipment before final assembly.
Tom Barnes - Manager Production / Manufacturing
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