One of the components of the Sovereign Technologies Corporation (STC) family of transportation solutions is YardCheck, the trailer and yard management system. It is a great aid to dispatchers, dock supervisors, drivers, maintenance managers, terminal managers, operations executives and security staff who want to be asset aware. Know instantly your trailer and content status, performance, utilization, yard management events and staff location anywhere in the U.S no matter where your terminals are located. Managers can do this in the most efficient manner possible from a central location.
The system automatically monitors gate activity and identifies trailers in terminal yards. Information is real-time with updates every one and a half seconds. YardCheck is a powerful tool for dispatchers and managers to monitor trailer usage and work flow. At a fraction of the cost of other technologies, it adds real value to fleet operators.

Using patented RTLS (Real Time Location System) technology, YardCheck does not rely on costly GPS or cellular technology. The system software features a dashboard for real-time activity monitoring, trailer inquiries, and a host of management reports.

YardCheck has the capability to enhance loss prevention and provide security by monitoring trailer, trailer contents, yard contents or any other asset, device or personnel.

A tag is attached to each trailer or any other assigned asset. Readers automatically transmit status activity to a powerful yet user friendly software display. The key word is "automatic!" The system provides a virtually hands free monitoring environment.
The ROI on your purchase is excellent. Be instantly aware of your business assets by using YardCheck, a proven and patented asset location and awareness solution.

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