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Sovereign’s solutions in asset tracking and monitoring applications are very innovative. This is due to our state-of-the-art technology and applications for Real-Time-Location-Systems (RTLS) / Real-Time Asset Management applications. The Sovereign system has been installed in hundreds of facilities worldwide including such applications as hospitals and healthcare facilities, manufacturing, prisons, warehousing, and the airline industry, saving these facilities hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Sovereign solution provides a real-time tracking and monitoring system of all mobile and fixed assets, including personnel tracking and monitoring. Some of the areas where the Sovereign system has been instrumental in cost reductions are the following:

• Reduction of lease and rental equipment.
• Reduction of capital equipment purchases.
• Reduction in cost and lower liability dealing with equipment recalls.
• Monitoring equipment status for availability.
• Reducing inventory search time.
• Reducing lost and stolen equipment.
• Increasing production staff efficiency.

In applications that have more than one facility, the Sovereign system is capable of monitoring virtually an unlimited number of remote facilities. Any of the remote facilities can be viewed and accessed on a computer screen from any other facility in the network. In addition, by assigning a central point facility, the system can manage and support all of the remote facilities from a single location.

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