Technical Services Division
Along with providing the Sovereign PalTrack RTLS Asset Management product lines, Sovereign now offers Technical Design Support. This support is offered to customers and end-users to provide hardware, software and system integration. The technical support is not limited to the Sovereign product line. Our new division can provide hardware development for microchip firmware design, prototyping, printed circuit board design and system integration and analysis support. Our software team can provide custom software packages designed to meet specific customer requirements.

Interface design and customization
PC board fabrication and prototyping
Microchip programming design
Injection Mold desing and prototyping
3D Modeling
Software development
Total system integration

** All technical services are performed in the U.S **
Hardware and Software Design Sevices
Sovereigns experience in innovative facility automation including RTLS, RFID and Facility System Analysis provides a competitive edge. In any application the key element is to understand the problem prior to implementing a solution. Sovereign has extensive experience dealing in problem solving analysis and providing the corrective actions required. Whether using a Sovereign product or another type of system solution, Sovereign has the experience and tools to analyze specific needs, including, but not limited to, production flow, Work-in-Progress (WIP), Just-In-Time (JIT), equipment and manpower utilization and increasing system efficiency. These are the vital elements in any successful company.

Before jumping in with a solution, let Sovereign assist your team in providing the analysis required to make an informed decision.

Production and work flow
Equipment utilization
Reduction in capital expense
Lease and rental analysis
Requirements and solutions
Systems integration and expected limitations
Supply chain management

** All technical services are performed in the U.S **
Facility and System Requirements Services
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