Features and Benefits
Product Features and Competitive Advantages:
• Complete turn-key applications including hardware, software and training.
• Patented technology.
• Easy to install and use. Intuitive.
• Geo-referenced Active floor plans: The Paltrack floor plans are represented in actual dimensions and icons placed in relative position to floor size.
• Real-time monitoring and positioning: The Paltrack’s systems update rate is 2-5 seconds depending on system size.
• Real equipment imaging: Icons can be represented by bitmap, Jpeg or photo image
• Removal alert status: Once the Paltrack system is armed, any unauthorized removal of the ATS transmitter will fire a “removal notification” to the software.
• Full interface capabilities with any MIS database.
• Export through ODBC Open Architecture
• Open Database connectivity makes it easy to access other databases such as Oracle, and MS Access
• Multi-facility Tracking: Multi building facilities and organizations can be monitored from a single assess point using wireless, cell phone or standard lines.
• Additive infrastructure: easily scalable
• HPC capability: The Paltrack system can be wirelessly linked with handheld computers and stationary terminals.
• Multi-Infrastructure Function: Once installed any tagged item (equipment, devices or personnel) can be located and tracked in real-time.
• External Device interface: Any accessible I/O ports on the transceiver can be configured to activate a variety of external devices such as door lock mechanisms, audible alarms, security cameras and lights.
• Reports can be filtered by any data field.
• 3 mode operation: motion, rest and removal.
• 10-15 foot resolution
• Grouping:
• Packaged Software reports include: asset management history, asset definition, asset inventory, asset change, alarm history, system user report, maintenance and calibration report, lease and rental and warranty report.
• High penetration signal: wood, cinderblock, concrete, aluminum and plaster board.
• Less than .10mw power
• Certified FCC, CE, CSA and C-tak
• FAA approved for aircraft
• Excellent references
• Proven product
Product Benefits:
• Enhanced security awareness
• Loss prevention, reduction in lost and stolen equipment
• Improved facility management and operations
• Decreased security/emergency response time
• Immediate location of devices, equipment and personnel
• Identification of equipment recalls and upgrades
• Increased profits
• Low cost / Excellent ROI
• Decrease in equipment purchasing and rental costs
• Improved regulation compliance
• More accurate asset management, awareness and tracking
• Improved staff productivity
• Heightened customer satisfaction
• Time and motion analysis
• Process flow monitoring
• Immediate product availability status
• Reduce equipment, device and personnel search time
• Reduced human errors
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