Sample Applications
Mining Safety and Security:
For mining applications the PalTrack system can be employed to keep an account of all personnel within the mine operation, their location and actual personnel status. In addition to personnel the PalTrack system can be attached to assets and provide both status and location of a particular asset.

The PalTrack system provides a continuous computer graphical display of a mine operation, its personnel and assets. As a personnel or asset is moving about the mine shaft the PalTrack software plots the location of that person or asset in Real-Time. The PalTrack graphical display interface identifies both personnel and assets on the computer screen as actual images (photos) so at a glance any person or asset can be identified.
The PalTrack system can group assets and personnel, personnel to personnel or assets to assets. This process can be used in a situation such as a mining team and leader. To find the leader all you have to know is one of the personnel associated in the team. Likewise to find a person all you need to know is the leader or any assets associate with that particular team or group.

The PalTrack system is a client/server based system. once the server processes the data it can be viewed by any client system even if the client is located across the country or world, based on a LAN or WAN system.

Figure 1 is a graphical display of the mine map and the location of the Real-Time readers that pickup the signal forms the transmitter tag attached to a person or asset. All of the PalTrack hardware can be placed in a NEMA-4 environmentally secure housing.
Facility Management:
Mobile Monitoring / Computer Track:
The PalTrack system or The Single Access Monitor (SAM) is a vital tool for facilities of any size and type. Assets, devices and personnel can be monitored and tracked throughout the internal structure as well as the outside perimeter grounds. The facility can be of multiple floors and structural sections (wings). In addition to monitoring and reporting on a single facility, the Sovereign product set can also monitor a group of facilities that may be geography disbursed. Reports can be obtained on a single or multiple groups of facilities. In a multi-environment mode, a facility manager can inspect any facility from a single control station using wireless, cell phone or standard lines. The system can function in a wired or wireless mode.
The PalTrack and SAM systems can control any mechanical access point such as a door, turnstile, parking gate or other physical barriers where granting or denying access can be electronically controlled. In addition such devices as audible alarms, door locks, lights and security cameras can be activated or deactivated
The system has an adaptive infrastructure meaning it is easily scalable.
The product set has a high penetration signal which can be detected thru wood, cinderblock, concrete, aluminum and plaster board.
The Sovereign Computer Track adapter can be used with the PalTrack System, SAM and Mobile Monitoring station. This product provides a simple security attachment while allowing full mobility and asset monitoring. The Computer Track adapter installs easily in a laptops universal security slot making it compatible with all types of laptops. The installation of the Computer Track adapter takes less than 10 seconds. Once installed it is locked into the laptops universal security slot using a combination lock. The Computer Track adapter can protect computers in temporary locations such as conference centers, meeting rooms, offices, or virtually anywhere monitoring of computers is vital.
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